Pool FAQ

Q) What are the Rules & Regulations?
A) Click here to view.

Q) What is the club's guest policy?
A) During the pool season each membership has the opportunity to purchase 25 guest passes per pool season for their guests to enjoy the pool area, volleyball, tennis, basketball and play structure. Guest are not permitted in the fitness center and may not participate on the swim team or programs in the fitness center. All guests must sign a general waiver prior to entering the pool deck. To learn more about our Guest Pass policy, please click here.

Q) Why are memberships limited to 25 guest passes per pool season?
A) Due to the high demand for members to bring guest, to ensure the club can accommodate our members first and preserve the value of your membership we have set these polices. We appreciate your compliance with these policies.

Q) Is there a rain check for guest passes purchased on days the pool is closed for weather or other reasons?
A) We regret guest passes on these days are non-refundable as we have no control of the weather or other instances outside of our control.

Q) How do members pay guest fees?
A) Members 18 years and older may purchase guest passes at the main pool desk or side gate at the time they are needed. The member must be present at the time of guest fees being paid and must remain with their guest the entire time they are here.  Guests must also sign a general waiver before entering the pool area.

Q) What about Guest Fees for a pool Birthday Party?
A) Guests for birthday parties will not count against the member allotment of passes for the year.  These guests must be arranged in advance through. Contact information available on the Pool Facilities page or at the main pool desk.

Q) Is there a special guest pass for babysitters?
A) Yes, members can purchase a Babysitter Pass for $200. This provides your sitter access to the pool area during pool season top provide childcare for your children. Sitters may NOT utilize the Fitness Center. It is good only for the season it is purchased in. The member’s account purchasing a babysitter pass will be flagged as babysitter compliant. Member children must accompany the sitter when the Babysitter pass is used. This pass is a non-photo pass so it can interchanged between sitters. This pass may only be purchased in the business office during regular business hours M-F 9am-5pm. NOTE: Should a sitter/member be caught abusing the pass, the pass will be revoked (i.e. coming into the pool without children, member using the pass to bring a guest in and not babysitting your children or a sitter using the fitness center.

Q) Is there a special guest pass for Grandparents?
A) No.

Q) What if I forget my membership card; can I still access the pool area?
A) If you have a photo on file, staff can conveniently look you up by your name and verify the photo on file is of the member trying to check in.

Q) I lost my Membership Key Card, how do I replace it?
A) In the event that you or a family member has misplaced their card, you may come into the business office during regular business hours for a replacement card. The Signature Club will replace one card per member per membership year at no charge. In the event you should misplace your card more than once during a membership year the replacement fee is $5 per card.

Q) How old does a member have to be to be enter the pool area without an adult?
A) No one under the age of 12 may be on the membership property or in pool area without adult supervision. Children 12 or older may come to the pool unsupervised only if their parents have signed a legal release of responsibility form. This form is available for signature in the membership office. They are kept on file in the membership office.

Q) How old does a member have to be to enter the Pavilion bar?
A) 21 years old

Q) Are outside coolers, food & beverages allowed at the pool?
A) Outside coolers, food or beverages are not allowed on the premises, this includes fast food. This rule will be strictly enforced in order to guarantee compliance with the liquor law.

Q) Is there a designated area for smoking?
A) Smoking is not allowed on the pool deck or surrounding grounds of the facility.  Smoking is only permitted on the adult side of the Pavilion Bar.

Q) Are private swim lessons offered?
A) Yes, during pool season swim team coaches are available for private lessons at the rate of $25/half hour. Swim coaches information will be posted at both pool gates. Priority will be given to swim/dive team members. For questions please contact Head Swim Coach Michelle Doolin, swimteam@signatureclub.org, 859-552-9585

Q) What are the requirements to slide down the 114' Supper Slide?
A) Persons must be 48" or taller or wear a life jacket to use the slide.

Q) What age children are aloud in the Kiddie Pool?
A) 5 and under.  Children not yet potty trained must at all times wear a swim diaper (please remember to check these regularly).

Q) What is the policy should there be thunder or lightning?
A) In the event of lightning or thunder, the pool and pool area within the pool fence shall be cleared, and no one shall re-enter the area until 30 minutes after the last occurrence and only with the permission of lifeguards.

Q) What areas can persons go to in the event the pool and pool area is cleared?
A) In the event the pool and pool area is cleared (I.e. thunder), person may seek shelter in the hallway to the main pool desk, person may go to the back of the property (volleyball, tennis, basketball, play structure, etc) or may remain in the Pavilion Bar area. NOTE: In the event of lightening or heavy rainfall the Pavilion  may be closed by The Cellar's management and those on the back of the property we recommend they seek shelter and not remain out in the elements as it may not be in their best interest to remain safe. During these times the pool area is closed.  Should The Cellar Bar & Grille be open, persons wearing proper clothing and shoes may patronize the restaurant.

Q) What is the policy should there be fecal contamination in the pool?
A) In the event of fecal contamination, the pool may be closed for a period of up to 24 hours depending upon the severity of the contamination, in accordance with the CDC and NSPF to prevent cryptosporidium and other fecal related diseases CDC's guidelines for treatment of contaminated facilities (regarding unformed stool). Please refer the additional information provided at the bottom of the Pool Facilities page.

Still have a question? Please contact the Main Pool Desk by calling 859-277-6600 ext 3 or Patsy Ulrich, Membership & Facilities Manager with any questions you have by stopping in the business office Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, calling 859-277-6600 ext 2 or e-mail patsy@signatureclub.org.

Q)How do you access the outside facilities during the pool season?
A) During pool season you can access the back of the property through either the main pool desk or side gate check ins by swiping your membership card or having staff looking you up with a photo verification. Should you have guests wanting to utilize the outside facilities during pool season the daily guest fee will need to be paid and members must remain the property with their guest at all times.

Q)How do you access the outside facilities when it is not pool season?
A) Take the side path from the upper parking lot towards the pool, just before you would take the steps down to the pool, there is a gate on the left which will be unlocked going into the play structure area. You can then take the path past the play structure down towards the basketball court and the back of the property outdoor facilities are then open to members to enjoy during the months the pool is closed weather permitting. The gate will be unlocked during the hours of 9am to 9pm M-F, weather permitting.

Q)How do you turn on the the lights at tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc?
A) Please be patient as this is the first fall season the back of the property has been open to members and the owners of the property are working on a plan to allow members to utilize the outside lights. We will update the question and make an announcement as soon as we have the details. Thank you!

Q)Restroom facilities: The pool is closed, what options do members have?
A) When the pool area is closed the pool bath house and locker rooms are also closed and there is no access to them. However, during the Business Office hours (M-F 9am-5pm) and The Cellar Bar and Grille's hours (they are open 7 days a week opening at 1 pm for lunch) you are welcome to utilize the bathrooms in these facilities.

Q)Does the club offer basketballs, volleyballs, etc?
A) During the pool season members can check out basketballs and volleyballs. We do not provide or sell tennis balls.

Q)Is the Tiki Bar open outside of the pool season hours?
A) No. When the pool area is closed The Cellar Bar & Grille offers an incredible patio with a spacious bar and when the weather is not permitting their indoor bar area with 28 flat-screen HDTVs is a winner every time!

Still have a question? During the pool season please contact the Main Pool Desk by calling (859)277-6600 ext. 4. For tennis-specific questions please contact Jane Foster, Tennis Director, by calling (859) 420-6352 or jane100252@gmail.com. For volleyball-specific questions please contact Brenda Tollet, Volleyball Director, at bltollett@ashland.com or Patsy Ulrich, Membership & Facilities Manager, by stopping in the business office Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, calling 859-277-6600 ext 2 or e-mail patsy@signatureclub.org.