Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

Q) Do we have an initiation fee or food and beverage minimum?
A) NO! You will not have to pay any initiation fees or food minimums.

Q) Must dues be paid in full before I can start utilizing the facilities?
A) Yes, your first years dues must be paid in full upfront, after that we would be happy to discuss a payment plan as long as your dues are paid in full by your renewal date.

Q) Are there limited times new members can join?
A) Anytime is a great time! Memberships may be purchased year round, however we have a limited number of memberships available.

Q) Are there pro-rated, summer, swimming or fitness only memberships available?
A) The Signature Club only offers annual memberships which provide you access to the full club (fitness center, pool area, outdoor facilities and programs).

Q) What do I need to do to join?
A) A membership packet must be completely filed out and submitted to the Business Office along with membership dues and photos of everyone on the account. We welcome you to come by for a tour and obtain a packet at that time, you may call the business office (277-6600 ext 2) to have one mailed to you or the forms are available to be printed from the Membership Information page.

Q) What is the membership year?
A) The vast majority of our membership are May 1st - April 30th annual-year based.  All membership fees are due on the 1st of the month your membership expires.

Q) How old does a person need to be to join?
A) 21 years old.

A) Entitles the primary member, spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 27 (currently enrolled in school, over age 21 & older requires copy of Student’s School ID and Driver’s License) all living in the same household as the primary member the use of the Club’s facilities and programs. Any adult age 21 or older not a dependent, not in school and not living in primary member’s residence must pay a membership fee.

A) A single parent with one child meeting the requirements listed under a family membership or two adults married, engaged, or otherwise romantically paired living in the same household (proof maybe required to prove same household).

Q) Why do all members need a membership card and a photo on file?
A) When your membership card is swiped it pulls up the member assigned to that card telling staff you have access to the pool, outdoor facilities and fitness center.

Q) How do I have my photo taken?
A) Members may have their photo taken in the business office during regular business hours,  at the pool check in desk during pool hours or you can email them to

Still have a question? Please contact Christina Torres, General Manager with any membership questions you have by stopping in the business office Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm, calling 277-6600 ext. 2 or e-mail