Fitness Center FAQ

Q) What are the Rules & Regulations?
A)Click here to view.

Q) How old does a member have to be to be enter the fitness center?
A) 16 years old without adult supervision. Children 12 to 15 years are allowed with adult supervision.

Q) How do I check in the Fitness Center?
A) Members must sign-in at reception desk upon arrival and be prepared to present your membership card upon check-in.

Q) Are Guests permitted in the Fitness Center?
A) NO! Guest use of the fitness center is not permitted at any time. You must be a member to participate in any of programs (i.e., boot camps, personal training, etc.).

Q) Is there a dress code while working out?
A) Proper exercise dress includes shirts, gym shorts, leotards and/or warm up suits and athletic footwear. Men must wear shirts at all times when exercising.

Q) How can I learn the operation of the fitness equipment?
A) If you do not understand how to operate a particular machine, or piece of equipment, please consult our personal trainer, Julie White, for a complimentary educational introduction to all of the fitness equipment. Planning ahead will always ensure Julie's availability. You can reach her at 859-351-4347 or by email at Please also remember to always wipe down each piece of equipment after use.

Q) Is outside food and drink permitted in the Fitness Center?
A) With the exception of water, food and soft drinks are not allowed in the health club area.

Still have a question? Feel free to contact Julie White, Personal Trainer, by calling 859-351-4347 or, or Ashley McDonner, Membership & Facilities Manger, by stopping in the business office Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm, by calling (859)277-6600 ext 2 or by e-mail